The Best of you – wherever you are…

We have to get going. You may not have the power over everything but whatever power and opportunity you have is sufficient for you to get things moving. When the environment is hostile, you have a right to complain but remember your responsibility and capacity to overcome challenges. Don’t let change, or the lack of it, discourage you; be the best of you in every situation.

When my grandfather was born into this world, he didn’t find in it a computer or a desk but a hoe and an axe. With those, he earned a living. He learned how to live in a world he was born into and today I must do the same. It’s a different world but this is where we are and this is the time we have. I can’t waste the time I have, neglect the good I have and underrate the potential I have because I am wishing I had what I don’t have. Be your own genie; make your wishes come true.

Its said, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Out of adversity comes either frustration or new inspiration. I would rather commit my time to finding ways to overcome my challenges than to wait for the single solution that I can’t afford at the moment. Good excuses are reasonable or acceptable explanations for why something did not happen but they rarely compensate for the losses incurred. An explanation of a failure is worth something if its a step towards the development of a solution and avoiding more losses. 

The point is; its a fluid world and we are running out of time. If you are going to limit yourself by your own rules and ideals, they have to be really purposeful but don’t limit yourself by poor understanding and laziness. Learn, innovate and adapt! 

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