Question to the answer – Can wisdom be fun?

Question: is it possible to enjoy youth when you have already gained the wisdom of the old? 👨‍🦳Please answer this question, I will answer this one: How can you get wisdom while you are still young?👵

By the way I am writing this because I have just finished reading this article: Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? I recommend that you read it, whether you believe Jesus rose from the dead or not.

Before we can answer the questions let’s first point out that wisdom may be portrayed by long beards, mysterious herbs, herbal teas, sitting postures, taking a long time before answering questions, speaking in riddles and isolating oneself but according to dictionaries wisdom is:

  • the ability to make good judgments based on what you have learned from your experience, or the knowledge and understanding that gives you this ability (Cambridge Dictionary)
  • the ability to use your experience and knowledge in order to make sensible decisions or judgments. ( Collins Dictionary)
  • the store of knowledge that a society or culture has collected over a long period of time. (Collins Dictionary)

It seems wisdom changes the value of knowledge🤔. Wisdom is expected to come with time as it is supposed to be a product of experience. So you can gain some wisdom while you are still young by learning from the experience of others; proverbs are examples of such nuggets. Books and articles are rich sources of other people’s experiences. Just know that people will not tell you all their experiences and sometimes all their experiences will not satisfy your own needs. It is therefore wisdom to ask questions. So Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? Click to read the article and learn what you will.

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