“No to child Marriages” – echoing my brother’s words on his birthday

We have to accept that even people who are younger than us are superior to us in other things. My younger siblings are better than me at music. I can think up songs but if you give an instrument I will struggle with it. My brothers, however, have a better sense of music. On my brother’s Lennon’s birthday I think I will draw my inspiration from one of his songs. He says “no to child marriages”

From his childhood, Lennon (aka Lenso) grew fast. It was as if he was skipping some stages. Even though young people excel at many things, time refuses to be completely cheated. We have to prepare our children for whatever the future has instore for them. Although they may seem to have matured, let time certify that. Children are children until the time is right. I love my brother and I will protect and guide him as his elder. That is why today, as he sang, I will say no to child marriages.

Happy birthday Lenso – Lensoman.

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